All agencies promise you "passive candidates" but in our connected world there is really no such thing.  There are candidates who are active, those who are interested and those who need to be informed.  Scoop Group will bring highly skilled and extremely relevant profiles to your attention.

Scoop Group works outside of traditional agency business models.  We don't use job boards, we won't post your positions and we won't work against your own internal recruiting efforts.  We don't recycle candidates from an existing database of pre-screened individuals and treat every search as a brand new project.

Our solutions range from classic contingent search to customized services performed on an hourly basis.  Scoop Group is part of a tight-knit collective of like-minded consultants and these relationships allow us to provide additional services including psychometric testing, compensation/benefits consultation and HRIS implementations.

Our Services


Scoop Group is not a high volume agency and we like it that way.  It allows us to successfully close all the roles we are working on for our clients, but it also allows us to give you the consideration and respect you deserve as a candidate.

ALL recruiters are guilty of not living up to your expectations at some point or another and we are including ourselves in that statement.  Endless phone tag, no closure or feedback - it's the worst.  And it's the main flaw in the overall recruitment cycle that we want to change by doing things our way.  We will respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours.  Promise.  

Scoop Group doesn't post jobs, we won't ask you to pointlessly feed a resume into a database.  We will, however, be reaching out to discuss opportunities that will be of interest to you or someone you know.  Together we will strategize where you want to go next and bring you to the attention of companies in your industry who, regardless of 'active' jobs, will want to meet with you.